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About me, I'm a mother, a proud geek, a writer, a lover, a gamer, and many other things.
Within this Journal you will find Fan Fiction (Harry Potter), Rants, Discussions about Polyamory and Paganism, Memes, because I get bored) and I'm sure to many boring little tidbits about my life.

Head OF House
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hogwartsharmony is a Harry Potter Sorting Community on Livejournal, that is geared towards Harry/Hermione shippers, but welcomes members from all ships as long as you are respectful to any opposing ship within the community. You will have the opportunity to fill out an application and then be sorted into one of the four houses of Hogwarts (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff). Once sorted, you can start participating in the many activities that we have to offer! We have Classes, Competitions, Places to write and share fanfics and graphics. So, come on over to harmonysorting and fill out the application!

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Severus Snape // valaseren
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Luna Lovegood // ladybrighid3333
Ron Weasley // hieis_girl1
Gilderoy Lockhart // upstart_crow
Remus Lupin // jimidragon
Viktor Krum // chaotic_vanity
Charlie Weasley // panda_pantsss
Lucius Malfoy // unchaste_one
Andromeda Tonks // l_invern
James Potter // magicalspirit
Molly Weasley // mollywobblez
Marcus Flint // neekbreek
Oliver Wood // dontstoplying
Peter Pettigrew // lady_lily
Megan Jones // silmarwen_85
Lily Potter // thebigpicture
Hermione Granger // jiffner
Minerva McGonagall // tricki_nicki
Ginny Weasley // springfrost
Cedric Diggory // donatello
Alicia Spinnet // amoureux_rose
Nymphadora Tonks // lexy_malfoy
Padma Patil // motormouthmili
Draco Malfoy // theoneontheleft
Pansy Parkinson // cleo_dumbledore
Parvati Patil // carib_beauty91
Bellatrix LeStrange // gwenlliana
Alastor Moody // nozomi
Harry Potter // justanerdyangel
Sirius Black // branwyhn
Gabrielle Delacour // likesthesilence
Regulus Black // sensiblemaniac
Narcissa Black // enchanted376
Daphne Greengrass // thatssoninties_


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